When Is Shab E Meraj 2024

When Is Shab E Meraj 2024

In the luminous tapestry of Islamic spirituality, the impending arrival of Shab e Meraj 2024 is met with anticipatory hearts and souls aflame with devotion. This sacred night, known as Isra Wal Miraj, marks the miraculous journey of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), a celestial odyssey that transcends earthly boundaries.

As the date draws near, curiosity and reverence intertwine, prompting the faithful to wonder, “When is Shab e Meraj in 2024?” This celestial rendezvous is set to unfold on the evening of 07 February, igniting the skies of Pakistan and India with the divine light of this extraordinary night. The 27th of Rajab 1445 AH, according to the Hijri calendar, holds the promise of a spiritual ascent, as believers prepare to embark on a journey mirroring the footsteps of the Prophet (S.A.W.).

In this celestial dance of time and devotion, the global Muslim community, from the enchanting lands of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to the vibrant regions of Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and beyond, will unite in commemorating Lailat al Miraj on the preceding night, Friday, and into the daylight hours of Saturday, 06 February 2024.

Shab e Meraj 2024 Date

Experience the celestial journey as 27 Rajab (Shab e Meraj) unfolds on Saturday evening, 07 February 2024, in Pakistan and India. While Muslims in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and beyond commemorate Lailat al Miraj on the preceding Friday night and Saturday day, 06 February 2024, creating a unified tapestry of devotion across borders.

Pakistan, India & Followed Countries

EventShab e Miraj
DateEvening of 07 February, 2024
Hijri Date27 Rajab 1445 AH

Arab Countries & Followed Regions

Embark on a journey through Arab countries’ cultural tapestry and the rich diversity of followed regions, Pakistan and India.

EventShab e Miraj
DateEvening of 06 February, 2024
Hijri Date27 Rajab 1445 AH

Shab e Meraj 2024 Dates in Different Countries

  1. Saudi Arabia: Evening of Friday, 06 February, 2024
  2. USA: Evening of Friday, 06 February, 2024
  3. UK: Evening of Friday, 06 February, 2024
  4. Canada: Evening of Friday, 06 February, 2024
  5. India: Evening of Saturday, 07 February, 2024
  6. Pakistan: Evening of Saturday, 07 February, 2024
  7. UAE: Evening of Friday, 06 February, 2024

Shab e-Meraj Celebration

Shab e-Meraj is a special occasion in the Islamic calendar, commemorating the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) night journey and ascension to the heavens. Though not a public holiday, it holds deep significance for specific religious denominations. Workers from these groups often observe it as an optional holiday, ensuring minimal work disruption.

Shab e-Meraj Celebration Schedule (2005–2024)

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2005Thu1 SepShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2006Mon21 AugShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2007Sat11 AugShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2008Fri1 AugShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2009Mon20 JulShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2010Fri9 JulShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2011Wed29 JunShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2012Sun17 JunShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2013Thu6 JunShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2014Tue27 MayShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2015Sat16 MayShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2016Thu5 MayShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2017Mon24 AprShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2018Fri13 AprShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2019Wed3 AprShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2020Mon23 MarShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2021Fri12 MarShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2022Tue1 MarShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2023Sun19 FebShab e-MerajOptional Holiday
2024Wed7 Feb (Tentative Date)Shab e-MerajOptional Holiday

Journey of Shab e Miraj

In the tapestry of Islamic history, the night of Shab e Miraj, a celestial odyssey embarked upon by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), holds a place of profound significance. This miraculous journey unfolded in two parts, transcending earthly boundaries and ascending to the heavens by the divine will of Allah.

Part One: From Makkah to Jerusalem:

The night commenced with the celestial presence of Jibrael (A.S.), the leader of all angels, appearing before the Prophet (S.A.W.). In a blink, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) was transported from the sacred Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah, with the Kaaba as its centerpiece, to the blessed Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. The Quran beautifully encapsulates this leg of the journey:

“Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al-Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing.” (Surah Al-Isra 17:1)

Al-Burraq: The Heavenly Steed:

The mode of transportation for this ethereal voyage was Al-Burraq, a celestial creature resembling a horse, graciously sent by Allah from Jannah (Paradise). In the blink of an eye, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) traversed from Masjid Al-Haram to Masjid Al-Aqsa, joining the assembly of revered Prophets who had preceded him.

Prophetic Gathering in Jerusalem:

Upon reaching Masjid Al-Aqsa, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) found himself in the presence of the esteemed assembly of Prophets, including Ibrahim (A.S.), Isa (A.S.), Musa (A.S.), and others. In a moment that transcends time, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) assumed the role of leading all the Prophets in a collective two Rakat prayers.

Milk Over Wine: A Symbolic Choice:

A profound moment unfolded as two cups were presented to the Prophet (S.A.W.), one filled with wine and the other with milk. In an act of profound wisdom and purity, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) chose the cup of milk. Jibrael (A.S.) affirmed this choice, saying:

‘Praise be to Allah Who has guided you to the Fitrah (purity and innocence). If you had chosen the wine, your Ummah would have gone astray.’ (An-Nasai: 5657)

Shab e Mairaj in the Holy Quran


In the poetic verses of the Holy Quran, the celestial tale of Shab e Mairaj unfolds, narrating a journey that echoes with the whispers of the divine. The divine narrative is elegantly woven into the fabric of Surah Al-Isra (17:1), casting a luminous spotlight on the miraculous night journey of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) from the Holy Mosque in Makka to the distant Mosque in Jerusalem.

Quranic Revelation:

“Holy is He who carried His servant by night from the Holy Mosque (in Makka) to the farther Mosque (in Jerusalem) – whose surroundings we have blessed – that We might show him some of Our signs. Indeed He alone is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.” (Quran 17:1)

In the tranquility of the night, the Quran unveils a symphony of divine orchestration. Allah, in His infinite wisdom, orchestrated the celestial journey, crafting each note with precision and purpose. The Holy Mosque in Makka became the stage, and the Kaaba, the heart of the composition.

Divine Signs Unveiled:

The purpose of this celestial overture wasn’t merely transportation; it was a revelation. Divine signs unfolded in the sacred air, offering Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) glimpses of the miraculous and the extraordinary. Jerusalem’s farthest Mosque, kissed by divine blessings, became a canvas for these revelations.

Attributes of Allah:

The Quranic verses resonate with the attributes of Allah—All-Hearing and All-Seeing. Each word echoes the omnipotent nature of the Almighty. It’s a reminder that Allah’s guidance and watchful gaze accompany His servant, orchestrating a divine melody even in the silence of the night.


As we stand on the precipice of Shab e Meraj 2024, let us embark on this celestial journey with open hearts and eager spirits. May the divine light of this night illuminate our paths, bringing peace, unity, and blessings to every corner of the globe. In the tapestry of time, Shab e Meraj is a celestial thread that binds believers together, transcending differences and fostering a shared devotion that resonates across continents.

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